"Nidos (Nests)" Sterling Silver, Copper, 18K Gold Bead Ring by Juanjo García Martín  This is a one of a kind fine jewelry creation hand made in Málaga, Spain.

From the artist:

"The central theme of this work is the assimilation in the construction and realization of nest making by some birds and insects, such as the swallow or wasp.  It is fascinating how they take advantage of old structures, or peculiarities of say electric lines, to give them height and protection from possible predators.  Some animals construct their nests from branches and other found objects and form a structure - similar to pillars of a building, and then cover them, waterproofing and contributing consistency to its structure by means of pastes, which they create with clay and sand mixed with their own saliva, to provide consistency as if it were an organic cement.

In the form of my work, I recreate in the constant poetry found in birds' nests, and of that delicate aspect that have their forms, and their predominant color depending on the habitat and the materials they use to create them.  I'm inspired by the consistency and relative harmony in the small social communities that they create. "

Made from Sterling Silver (925), Copper, 18K Gold Beads, Texture and Acrylic

Measures: Approximately Size 7.25 US Ring Size / 17.5 mm diameter / n-17

See Juanjo's complete exhibition at TOROSIETE Gallery.

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